Navigating Foundation Types and Repairs

Understanding different foundation types can help you be on the lookout for potential foundation problems.  Various types of foundations are used to construct buildings and homes. This article explores different foundation types, their advantages, and disadvantages, so you can identify any issues early on.

Crawlspace Foundation:

  • Advantages: Flood protection, temperature regulation.
  • Disadvantages: Limited accessibility.
  • Common signs of settlement:  Sloping Floors, exterior cracks, interior cracks, chimney separation.

Basement Foundation:

  • Advantages: Enhanced structural support, additional living space.
  • Disadvantages: Moisture concerns.
  • Common signs of settlement:  Bulging basement walls, basement wall cracks, water intrusion.

Slab Foundation:

  • Advantages: Affordability, mold, and bacteria resistance.
  • Disadvantages: Limited flexibility.
  • Common signs of settlement:  Interior wall cracks, exterior cracks, cracks in slab, ceiling cracks.

Why Choose Ram Jack of South Carolina for Foundation Repairs?

Ram Jack offers:

  • Expertise: 40 years of experience for custom and affordable solutions.
  • Nationwide Presence: Ram Jack is the only company that manufactures, installs, and honors a lifetime warranty on our helical piers.
  • Quality Assurance: A leader in delivering the highest quality repairs.
  • Warranty:  A life of structure warranty backed by a limited national warranty trust.

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